The TARDIS is coming

Name's Mio.
I like to say "being dragged down a graveled road", or other variations, a lot.
Fandoms of mine:
All of them, probably...
URLs i've had: Timeisnotthebossofhim, Trippingonmyfandoms, improbablyinthatfandom


how to improve something

  • queer girls
  • queer boys that aren’t just two white cis dudes
  • non binary characters
  • pirates
  • dragons
  • queer girls 
  • im posting that again b/c it is v important to me

Anonymous asked: I don't get your dean deans ass thing...


their url is deansass and mine is coolscar 


the police officer looks down at his tummy and says “you are under a vest” and giggles to himself